Virus Removal

A computer virus is a man-made program or code that can cause damage to your data and software
in your computer.
They are spread unknowingly from one infected computer to another via emails and instant messaging.
Certain viruses are designed to capture your private information such as passwords and financial data.

Some signs that may indicate that your computer is infected include:

  ~ Your computer functions slower than normal
     ~ Your computer responds slowly and freezes often.
     ~ Your computer restarts itself.
     ~ You see uncommon error messages, distorted menus, pop-ups.
     ~ You notice applications on your computer fail to work correctly.
     ~ You have trouble getting on the internet or you redirected to another site.

In addition to viruses there are also many different types of Malware which can also harm your computer. Types of Malware include Adaware, Spyware, Scareware, Snoopware, Browser Hijackers, Key loggers and Trojan Horses.

Notebook solutions are experts at detecting and removing all types of malicious codes and infections.

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